Setup Slack Integration

Create application in your Slack account

To connect your alerts via Notifications to Slack please follow the instructions below:

  • Create new Application using menu “From an app manifest”

  • Select your workspace
  • Insert custom yaml into the form
iconCopy _metadata: major_version: 1 minor_version: 1 display_information: name: AlertManagerApp features: bot_user: display_name: AlertManagerApp always_online: false oauth_config: scopes: bot: - incoming-webhook settings: org_deploy_enabled: false socket_mode_enabled: false token_rotation_enabled: false
  • Install your App into workspace and allow to send messages to a certain channel

  • Get the web hook Url

  • Open Notifications - Slack settings and put web hook Url here
  • Test the hook url (you have to see the green result and the message in your slack channel).
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