Ticketing Notifications

When creating ticket notifications, you can use the variables from emails you process to inject them directly into the subject or ticket description. 

In the example below you can click on the plus button next to Ticket Subject or Body and you can see the fields you have processed. In the case below you can select "What Happened", What SophosHasDoneSoFar and What you need to do and all of that data would go into the body of the ticket. You can leverage fields like "Company Name, What Happened and Urgency" in the ticket subject. For both fields you can utilize a mix of text and variables provided to get the most relevant information in the ticket. You could additionally link any processes that may be relevant to resolving the issue for your techs. 

The Email Date and URL are standard fields we provide that you can inject automatically in the ticket. 

Email Date provides the date/time stamp the email was received.

Email URL provides the user the ability to click and see the original email we processed as it came in with all information.  

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