Autotask Integration

Login to Autotask and create your API username and password: 

Under Admin -> Resources (Users) click on New and select "API User", Select Alert Manager as your integration partner, and generate a username and password. These two fields will be the username and password you will use to connect Alert Manager to Datto Autotask. 

Select Security Level "API User" (system)

In Alert Manager click on Integrations and click on Add CRM: 

Click on Autotask and then input the username and password from the steps above: 

Once you click submit you will be prompted to create a Ticketing profile. Below is a sample and you will just click the drop downs under each area you want to select defaults for on the ticketing. 

Once you click submit the integration is complete and can now be used for ticketing through our notifications section.

Under the Notifications menu you can create tickets for Email and Device Monitors that you'd like to create tickets automatically for in the system. 

Users can customize the ticketing subject and tickets can be set to be created instantly or on a schedule. 

For Email Alerts you can specify what statuses create a ticket in the system: 

For Device Monitor alerts MSPs can control how many failed alerts before a ticket is created or updated in the system. 

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