ConnectWise Integration

Login to ConnectWise as an Admin and select System -> Members -> API Members as shown below: 

Click on + as shown below: 

Fill out all required fields and click Save button: Be sure to set the permission to "Admin".

lick on API Keys and then click on the + sign to add a new key: 

Give it a description and click Save: 

The keys will disappear after you click save and close so copy both now to a document or directly into Alert Manager before you save and close in ConnectWise. 

Now login to Alert Manager and click on Integrations and click Add CRM

Select ConnectWise: 

Input the settings for your integration. Please note your URL and Company ID will be the same that you use to login to CW. Ours is a test system URL. 

Select your Ticketing Defaults

Once you have the ticketing profile setup you can utilize this profile for your notifications/tickets. You can also create additional ticketing profiles by going back into the integration. 

Click on Notifications and you can define the ticketing profile. You can setup multiple rules that target different views or uptime monitors. 

Ticketing can be created instantly or on a schedule and you can define the ticketing subjects etc. 

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